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GO HERE to view the visa bulletin for a detailed list of those preferences and the priority dates for those preferences. The visa bulletin is issued by the Department of State and is usually released in the middle of the prior month.

Notice to Employers

It is important that employers understand their roles, responsibilities, and possible implications for failure to comply with the laws and regulations. Keep in mind that penalties and sanctions can be imposed for “knowingly submitting fraudulent visa applications” for foreign workers. Employers have the responsibility of having a bona fide job to offer, properly and timely posting the job offer, paying the employee the prevailing wage, and of course, notifying USCIS upon termination.

Immigration Forms

Immigration forms can be obtained through the web page, and although they are free, you should still contact an attorney for advice and a proper consultation. Keep in mind that most immigration forms require a filing fee. The form alone does not guarantee success. Having access to the forms helps to know the costs involved in your procedures. Don’t hesitate to seek attorney assistance for help.

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