Preparing for a Secure Future

During these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other global events, it is natural to start thinking about the protection of your children and your assets. Although, we at The Law Offices of Chavira Brown, PLLC, don’t believe estate planning should always be at the top of your mind, we do believe it is especially important during these unprecedented times.

We at The Law Offices of Chavira Brown, PLLC have been here to help families stay together, and now we can help protect your family by making estate planning affordable and accessible.

Having a Will or Trust will help you with:

  • Designate someone to handle your affairs
  • Specify your final arrangements
  • Designate a child or pet guardian
  • Decide what should happen in a medical emergency
  • Leave specifics gifts, such as money, property and jewelry
  • Designate someone to care for you
  • Grant an individual access to your medical records
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Let our office help you with a Trust, Last Will and Testament, HIPAA Authorization, Living Will, or a Power of Attorney. Remember you’re never too young to start planning.

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